Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Concept Of the Idea

The Breathing Experience is an interactive installation that encompasses the expanding and contracting qualities of the respiratory system. In conjunction with timber ribs and stretched lycra, the transforming piece of interactive architectural sculpture aims to providie the public with a twisting tunnel that has a deeper social relevance.

Fuelled by the current regimes of “Smoke Free Aotearoa”, this moving piece of sculpture expands on the effects of cigarette toxins into a scale that can be appreciated as architecture. Elaborating on the biologically degrading properties of smoking, the installation supersizes the contrast between a healthy respiratory system and that of an experienced smoker.

In accordance with the various tertiary education institutional policies and Government amendments pushing to make a smoke free public arena become a law, The Breathing Experience attempts to sculpturize the necessity for such regulations. For your consideration, we hope that you would be able to provide us with your resources as we push to make the breathing experience of New Zealand air a cleaner one.

If you would like to sponsor us or provide with us with funding or would just like to know more,
please feel free contact us at:


Mob : 021 023 595 30

Details of Bracing Joints

The Curved Bracings help to keep the 'ribs' structurally as it stops the ribs from collapsing inwards.
 The bracing being curved adds an organic flavour to the aesthetics as it resembles bones, making it alot more interesting visually
compared to a regual triangular straight faced brace.

The curved white bracing complimenting the curved nature of the design.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Drawings For The Installation



Sunday, August 23, 2009


Week 3:
As we progess through our development we have begun to make a 1:1 scale model
using timber and lycra.

This is us testing out the strength of lycra.

1:1 Concept Scale Model of a rib

Experimenting with the mechanism of the ribs by using hinges.

Introduction, 1st Stage Concept Entry

Week 1:

"The Breathing Experience" is a 2nd year Architecture group from the University of Auckland.

We are taking part in an architectural competition, "TRANSFORMERS"
This event will be held on the 16th of October in Shed 12.

Our group simulates the most basic and mundane transformation of what we humans
do to survive - the transformation of spance in the lungs and ribs as we breathe.

Our proposal addresses the social impact to the general public that
demonstrates how our lungs degrades due to smoking, as we wish to let
people physically experience the destruction of the lungs due to smoking.
As we would be recreating a supersized space which would symbolise this.

The footpath from the entrance is deliberately twisted, as when the participant progresses through the tunnel
this forces them to make good use of the lycra and ribs around them for support. 
It inevitably creates a handprint on the exterior of this installation. (similar to the pic below)