Thursday, September 24, 2009

Further Developments 2

As we progress through, we were very fortunate to have found our sponsor from RollForming Services Ltd (RFS).  They have kindly provided us with free steel as this would inevitably resolve alot of previous problems we have encountered while using timber, e.g weight and strength of final model. we have become more aware of the exact measurements and ways of achieving our idea of the twist, as you can see in the picture below, this is what our installation will look like from the back view.

Inside view:

Front view:


further development of the final model

To prevent lycra from tearing due to loads, we have decided to use a combination of large metal and rubber washers to hold the lycra in place as pressure points.

We have planned all our bits and pieces for RFS to cut, and hopefully it should arrive soon for us to assemble everything!


We'll need approximately 13m X 3m space at shed 12.

Further Developments

After a long interesting mid crit we have had some valuable opinions about our twist. Our twist had high demand of technicality hence we decided to take a step backwards and rethink other ways to achieve the same effect of experience through simpler methods.

We decided to cut back the twist with ribs that stay rigid on a platform. however rib-lycra relations still stays the same.

By putting one strip of lycra in the middle separating the two pathway (entrance/exit) it allows participants to push the lycra at either end, making a handprint on the opposite side of the lycra.

Points discussed was to make the lycra twist in a rib cage instead of twisting the actual rib itself. In other words to "pretend" the twist within the ribs. 

We have also come to a solution for the convoy that it'll be placed on a flatbed trailer and it will stay on there for participants to go in at the event.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photos of the Scale Model features

The Opacity of the Lycra and Shadows being used effectively.

The Lycra being pushed from within, having the handprints on the outside.

The Relationship of the Exterior and Interior being further developed through the use of the Lycra,
The Interior conditions affecting the Exterior Facade.

Conceptual Renders

Side view

Front View

The inside of the installation.
Usintg Lighting to highlight the features.
Darkness symbolising the "end", the deteoriation....

Conceptual render of the Convoy stage
Using Smoke to get attention and for possible sponsorship.