Thursday, September 24, 2009

Further Developments

After a long interesting mid crit we have had some valuable opinions about our twist. Our twist had high demand of technicality hence we decided to take a step backwards and rethink other ways to achieve the same effect of experience through simpler methods.

We decided to cut back the twist with ribs that stay rigid on a platform. however rib-lycra relations still stays the same.

By putting one strip of lycra in the middle separating the two pathway (entrance/exit) it allows participants to push the lycra at either end, making a handprint on the opposite side of the lycra.

Points discussed was to make the lycra twist in a rib cage instead of twisting the actual rib itself. In other words to "pretend" the twist within the ribs. 

We have also come to a solution for the convoy that it'll be placed on a flatbed trailer and it will stay on there for participants to go in at the event.

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