Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Transformers Event at Shed12

Public interraction within our lycra and steel cage was as anticipated. They embraced the stretchy semi-permenent membrane by pushing, pulling shoulder barging and face planting into the lycra.

The Convoy Stage

The convoy stage allowed us to take a step back and have a first glimpse of how the general public would react when presented with a body of space so bizziare. The grid lock traffic conditions allowed us to compare the chaos of traffic from a viewpoint within the project itself.

The Crane Operation

This phase of the design relied on a crane to hoist the transformer out of the second story balcony. The main doors of studio were far too small to transport the structure out and instead the locked balcony doors were opened for the operation. The project was loaded onto the flat bed trailer straight from the second floor.

The success of this phase allowed us to focus and prepare thoroghly for the main transformers event the next day.